The World’s First Telescoping Backpack, Wild Game Extraction and Multi-Use Cart!


Life is an adventure. Make yours a SLEDDAWG adventure!


Model 22 Ricky 240

Use hunting, camping, and on any adventure you can think of.

  • Hand crafted from aluminum. (Not Plastic)
  • Back Pack Attachment Harness, Securing Straps, and Load Net included with purchase.
  • Weight: Under 20 lbs.
  • Carry Capacity: Up to 240 lbs.
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 46Lx 33W.
  • Made for all types of terrain.

Carry on your back with a special made harness (included) and attach it to a backpack of your choosing (not included).

Patent Pending.



THE SLED DAWG IS A WINNER! After tromping through the mountains of Pennsylvania, Colorado, Montana, Quebec and Ontario hunting, the SLED DAWG would have been a welcome addition to haul out game! The ease of operation and ergonomic design is genius. Lightweight, at under 20 lbs, strong and durable, powder coated, with handles that can be adjusted, similar to a rickshaw for ease of pulling and reduced strain on your shoulders. The backpack design makes for simple and easy carrying with weight distribution spread evenly via the adjustable straps. The soft thick, wide straps and waist belt makes carrying simple. A back pack can be attached to the existing pack with numerous D-rings and ample straps for securing loads. Setting up the SLED DAWG requires pulling and inserting a few pins and can be ready for a load in about a minute. The pins are also secured so as they cannot be lost when pulled out. I tested the SLED DAWG first with a hundred pounds and was quite surprised at the ease of maneuverability over rough terrain. Then I decided to get serious and put a 240 pound load on. Heavy? More so than the 100 lbs, but still much easier to pull than all the game carts I’ve purchased over the decades! (I weigh 158lbs and stand 5’8.) I purposely tried to tip the SLED DAWG over rocks, boulders, brush piles and uneven terrain, to no avail. The tires are of an amazing design, they won’t go flat and are positioned on the cart higher up than most other designs. The SLED DAWG would make a welcome addition especially for the family in carrying everything onto a family camping site, not to mention around the house for gardening, such as hauling mulch, bricks, plants, trees, the list is endless! As an extrication device in the back country in medical emergencies I can see it being extremely beneficial, versus carrying a victim out on a stretcher, with far less man power. My wife was watching me putting the SLED DAWG through its paces in the woods behind our home and knew what I was going to ask her as soon as I came in. I said, “Jane, you wouldn’t believe it!” She replied, “ Yes I would, you want THE SLED DAWG for Christmas.” Absolutely amazing, she read my mind!

Mario L. Piccirilli R.N.
Retired Pennsylvania State Game Warden, Land Management Group Supervisor
Retired Pymatuning Twp. Municipal Police Captain.

Being a part of the SLEDDAWG FAMILY, your family will thank you! Not to be used just once a year, but ALL YEAR!


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